RokQ manual - free edition 2.0



How to find this manual

  • Press the hotkey "F1".
  • Click on the RokQ logo (upper left corner) to open the "About RokQ" window. There, click on the link "here" right next to "RokQ manual".


How to add songs to RokQ

  • Drag and drop one folder or some MP3 files on the RokQ window.


  •  Click "Add Songs". This opens the "Add Songs" window where you can navigate to any folder which you want to add to RokQ.
    • Click "Select folder".

RokQ now starts to import all MP3 files it finds in the dropped or selected folder and in all contained folders.

  • You can use RokQ while files are being added.
  • However, further drag-and-drop actions and the "Add Songs" button/hotkey have no effect until adding is finished or was cancelled.
  • You can cancel the adding of songs by pressing the "Esc" key.

To be imported, an MP3 file must:

  1. Contain at least the "artist" and "title" ID3 tags.
  2. It must be readable and may not be corrupted.
  3. It must have its tags in any ID3 format from ID3v1.0 to ID3v2.2.
  4. There must not be another song with the same artist and title already in RokQ.
  5. It must not be longer than 24 minutes.
  6. It must have the file name extension ".mp3".


How to play a song

  • Double-click a song or press Enter when a song is selected.
  • Your song is now added to the end of the queue which is shown at the very top.
  • The song which you just queued will be played as soon as the playing song and all other queued songs have been played completely.
  • The song which is currently playing is green-colored and at the very left side.
  • Every song is guaranteed to never be played more than once. Songs that were queued before are therefore shown with red text and cannot be queued again.


How to take a picture with your webcam

Note: This works only if a webcam is available and was enabled during start-up.

Simply add any song to the queue (see "How to play a song"). RokQ automatically takes then a picture with your webcam.

  • The picture is now shown in an extra window.
  • Only now you may enter a comment or greeting for this picture.

  • Click "OK" or press Enter to close the extra window.

Your comment gets embedded into the picture file as an EXIF comment. All picture files are saved in your system's default picture folder in a sub-folder "RokQ output".


How to find all songs of a genre

The most common genres are shown at the left side. The songs of all genres are shown by default; therefore, "All genres" on the top is green by default.

  • To find all songs of a genre, click any genre on the left side, e.g. "Alternative", "Rock", etc.
  • To show the songs of all genres, click "All genres" on the top.


How to play random songs

Simply wait until all songs in the queue have been played. RokQ will then play a random song (which was not played already).

If a genre filter is currently active, the random song will be picked from the shown genre. When all songs of that genre have been played, RokQ will deactivate the genre filter automatically.


How to activate the full-screen mode

  • Press the hotkey Ctrl+F (Mac: Command+F).
  • Press the hotkey again to deactivate full-screen mode.


How to quit RokQ

To quit RokQ:

  • Click on the red button in the upper left corner (Mac: upper left corner). This is not available in full-screen mode.
  • Press the hotkey Alt+F4 (Mac: Command+Q)



Alt+A Open the "Add Songs" window
Esc Cancel adding songs
Cursor keys Navigate to a song
Type a letter Navigate to artists
Page up/down Scroll songs one page
Enter Queue a song
Ctrl+F (Mac: Command+F) Toggle fullscreen on/off
F1 Open this manual
Alt+F4 (Mac: Command+Q) Quit RokQ


Contact information

RokQ Free edition 2.0
Release date: 11th of August 2013
Author: Christian Dietz



BASS audio library -
OpenCV for webcam support -
id3lib -
libexif -